Monday, December 17, 2012

Wildy Civil

Introducing our newest UPcomer of the week....Wildy Civil of Gwinnett County, Georgia. I originally heard of Wildy through a friend of mine who wanted me to accompany her to a shoot "from a guy her sister knew". I started asking questions of who this mystery photographer was and after seeing his work I was surprised to find out he is only 17! So naturally I figured a young photographer on his grind, trying to prosper in his craft was definitely to be considered Supreme worthy. I asked my friend if she could get me in touch with this aspiring photographer and now I'm able to bring our conversation to you all! So enjoy, introducing Wildy Civil. 

SP:  Hi Wildy, how about we start off by you telling us about yourself.
My name is Wildy Civil, its pronounced Will-Dee. People tend to think its Wild-e. I'm 17 years old, and from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

SP: I like your name its different, is that your real name?
 *laughs*. Yes, Wildy is my real name. 

SP: After looking at some of your pictures, I'm pretty impressed! What inspired you to first get into photography?
4 years ago I decided I needed to do something with all the free time I had so I bought a Fuji Film 2550HD for about $250 and started taking pictures. Although now I shoot strictly Nikon. At the time, I had no idea I'd end up doing this for a living.

SP: As a photographer do you consider yourself an artist? 
I do consider myself an artist. A lot of people think of painting or drawing when you say art but art is just expressing yourself through any medium. I express myself through my photos.

SP: Are you taking any classes for photography or does all of your work come from you trying to perfect your craft?

I attend the commercial photography program at Grayson Tech for half of my school day. Though over the past few years I've self taught myself most of what I know. 

SP: How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

I mostly experiment, read a lot of articles, and look at other photographer's work.

SP: What genre of photography are you most interested in?
Right now I'm into portraiture. I like working with people and bringing out the best in them.

SP: What is your long term goal in your photography career?

I hope to work for a magazine one day, such as National Geographic or with an artist in the music or dance industry. At the end of my career I'll open my own studio and take pictures until I retire.

SP: Last question! How can future clients and other people get in contact with you?

They can get in contact with me through my website: or also post some of my work on instagram. They can follow me @urbandopeness


  1. This is awesome. You can almost hear the pictures talking. Keep up the good work.

  2. Awesonme! dreams and consistency pays off, very talented!